Exam fraud at Amsterdam college

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Students at the ROC college in Amsterdam stole exams and then offered them for sale via sms and WhatsApp. 

The school has enlisted the help of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (Recherchebureau) to investigate the case.

Source: Flickr/Alberto G

The fraud has affected between 200 and 825 students at the College Zuid vocational training college, where more than 800 exams from the Legal Services course were stolen. These students will have to retake exams in one or more modules.

A spokesperson for the ROC of Amsterdam said that an anonymous tip came in, and that further inquiry showed exam results to be suspiciously high. Education inspectors have been notified.

Employees, professors and students at ROC will be questioned by the Bureau of Investigations, the results of which may lead to an official report being filed.

last year, eleven students were placed under trial for a large fraud case at the Ibn Ghaldounschool in Rotterdam in which 17.000 students had to retake a French exam. The Public Prosecution Service (OM) will declare a sentence today.