Brabant parade sex float angers some

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Preparations for the Brabant flower parade are already ongoing and this year the Veldstraat township in Zundert is very proud of their theme. During the flower parade in September the township will present itself with a "sex float."

The float will be 19m (62 ft.) in length and is designed by Erwin Braspenning and Jos van Aert. 'We have a unique design, sex is a theme that does not lie,' said chairman Niek van Overveld. He went on to sa

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y: 'A few years back our designers already came up with this theme, but we were looking for the right way to express it. Sex is a theme close to the edge, but everything having to do with sex is censured by pixels.'

The design was presented on Sunday, January 26, and everybody was welcome to come in and take a look for themselves. The sex-theme received mixed responses, as the organization anticipated.  Some people worry about the impact it'll have on small children, another remembers a float from the previous year with a sex-related theme, concluding the theme is bold, but acceptable.

The organization is delighted with the theme, which took shape after 'thorough consultation with board and designers,' according to Van Overveld. 'And with this design, the parade will not need an age requirement of 18+.'