Traffic jams force Ikea to scrap €1 breakfast

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Update nov '16: Ikea has now reïnstated the € 1,- breakfast.

Ikea Delft has decided to cancel their 1 euro breakfast, to aid in the battle against dangerous traffic back-ups on Sundays, due to an overwhelming amount of shoppers. Rijkswaterstaat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, has closed the A13 exit toward Ikea Delft several times already to avoid accidents. The traffic on the exit tends to get completely backed up, as was the case again this past Sunday, despite attempts by Ikea to deploy traffic controllers. 'We will close down the exit if it gets too dangerous. There's nothing else we can do,' said Raymund Valkhof of Rijkswaterstaat. None of the parties involved can think of a fitting solution. 'The roadmap for traffic congestion has been adjusted and improved every time,' said alderman Milène Junius. This coming Sunday will have to prove whether taking the 1 euro breakfast off the Ikea menu is the solution to the traffic jams on the A13 exit.