Jos de G suspected in Van Den Hurk murder

46-year-old Jos de G. from Helmond was arrested Friday for the murder of Nicole van den Hurk in 1995, reports De Telegraaf, based on confirmation from its sources Wednesday afternoon.

De G. has been convicted for rape three times before. In 2000 Jos de G. was arrested for the rape of a 20-year-old woman from Valkenswaard. Only a few months earlier he had been sentenced to 17 months in prison for the brutal rape of his girlfriend.

A year later, in 2011, he was sentenced to 3 years preventive detention and compulsory treatment. After his conviction his DNA led to another rape case from 1987, leading to a third conviction of rape and abuse of women.

Jos de G, believed to be the man arrested for killing Nicole van den Hurk (Jos de G/Facebook)

De G. grew up in Valkenswaard, according to Crimesite. He is a fanatic Feyenoord fan and played as a goalkeeper for the amateur club R.K. P.V.V. from Helmond since August. He is well-liked by the club members and his former roommate from the shelter home where he lived for about a month and a half in preparation of moving to a place of his own, the final step of his rehabilitation back into society.  He is described as spontaneous, but withdrawn.

Nicole van den Hurk

The verdict of his 2001 conviction also contains part of his psychological evaluation, where the psychiatrist refers to De G. as "a vessel overflowing with hate," with a big chance of repetition "if not adequately addressed."

Nicole disappeared on October 6, 1995, when she was on her way from her grandmother's house to her job at a super market. Her body was only found 6 weeks later. She had been raped and murdered. In 1996 her stepbrother, Andy, was detained for a short time, and her stepfather, Ad van den Hurk, was also a suspect in the case. In a message to his friends Andy wrote: "[He] murdered and raped my sister. Rotting in Hell would be too nice for you. Non human being." and "They finally got this monster after 19 years."