Badr Hari up for four-year prison term

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Kick boxer Badr Hari heard a 4-year-sentence of which one year probation against him in the Amsterdam court, Wednesday, during his trial for eight cases of abuse and one traffic violation.

The most severe offense Hari is on trial for is the abuse of businessman Koen Everink. Prosecutors Bienfait and Rob Kloos considered Hari's guilt proven, based on the evidence.

badr hari

Codefendant Ferhat Y. heard 20 months with no probation for the same offense. The 4-year-sentence pertains to all the abuse crimes. The prosecution demands 750 euros fine for the traffic violation.

Everink has been consistent in his reports about the beating he took. A witness confirmed he saw Hari and Y. repeatedly hit Everink in the face with their fists. Hari initially claimed to have dealt Everink one "corrective blow," but a bloody towel found in the skybox with blood, both from Hari's hand and from Everink, tells otherwise.

Hari's lawyers announced they will request acquittal for most charges on Thursday morning, when they plan to make their case.

The prosecution will hear nothing of mitigating factors and rejects arguments as would Hari be a victim of a "trial by media." If anything there are aggravating factors, because Hari reportedly tried to influence witnesses, and he is known to have a 'terrorizing demeanor in the "nightlife scene," according to the prosecutors.

Hari also stands trial for several other accounts of abuse as well. He reportedly broke a glass in a man's face in the Jimmy Woo, he dealt the owner of Club Air several blows and kicks, he abused the guard at Club Blinq in 2010, abused his ex-girlfriend, Rosa M. in 2011, kicked a man to the head in the Cooldown Café in the same year.