GGD loses cocaine during drugs education

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A staff member of the Community Health Services (GGD) lost at least one container of cocaine during a lesson about drugs in a school in Alphen aan den Rijn, Thursday.

Around 10:00 it was discovered the cocaine had disappeared. The lesson had started at 08:30 for the 4th graders of pre-university education, according to a spokesperson for the Ashram College to

Valerie Everett

'The container disappeared from the briefcase of the GGD advisor, who was the only one with a key. He never lost sight of the briefcase. It's a mystery how this could happen,' said the spokesperson.

The GGD filed a police report. 'All students in the class were questioned, but the cocaine was not found.' And the lesson was not recorded on video, so there's no camera footage.

Showing what the drugs look like is a fixed part of the lesson. The advisor keeps them in a locked briefcase at all times and is the only one to handle them. So far, no one has been able to explain how this could happen.  By Friday the police were still no closer to solving the mystery.