Groningen not happy with Kamp

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The protesters in Loppersum were not satisfied Friday evening, with the promise Minister Henk Kamp (VVD) made them that the government will cut back on gas drilling.

'As far as we are concerned, we will keep campaigning,' said one of the five leaders after the meeting with Kamp.

Economic Affairs Minister Henk Kamp

The five, who were protesting at the town hall in Loppersum where Kamp was giving a press conference, were invited in to talk to Kamp.

John Lanting, leader of "Schokkend Groningen," was among them. Lanting is determined not to give up or give in and talked about a campaign that would make world news. Only after consulting with other groups did he decide to postpone his idea for now. 'The suggested compensation is not high enough, Kamp does not listen to Groningen, Kamp has robbed us, lied to us and deceived us for many years,' are some of the statements made by the campaign leaders.

Protesters of the "Groninger Bodem Beweging" (GBB) (Groninger soil movement) were not invited for the meeting with minister Kamp, much to their dismay. They have a campaign planned for Saturday, in Stedum, and have every intention to keep campaigning. The movement does not agree with the plans minister Kamp outlined.

There will also be a "slow down" campaign on the A-7, Saturday, with a closing event in Zuidbroek. During this event, the unemployment in Groningen will also be highlighted. "Schokkend Groningen" en union FNV will also be present.