Dutch prime minister should not visit Sochi games

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Diederik Samsom, a leader of Labour Party, said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte should not go to Russia to represent the Netherlands in Winter Olympic Games in Sochi.

Talking in a current affairs show on Sunday, Samsom said that sending king and queen to the Sochi games is sufficient and the presence of prime minister is not necessary, Nos reported.

Last week, Rutte conference that he along with King Willem-Alexander, Queen Máxima and sports minister Edith Schippers will represent the Netherlands in the Sochi games.

Rutte said that “we do not support a boycott and will represent the Netherlands in Sochi games. We think it is better to engage in dialogue.”

The Rutte’s decision to attend the games drew a wave of opposition from gay rights groups and many politicians.

Many countries, including Germany, France, Belgium, Britain and the United States, have decided not to send their heads of state to attend the games in protest of a Russia’s law that bans propaganda of nontraditional sexual relationships.