Amsterdammer busted for terrorism

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On appeal, the Amsterdam Moroccan, Samir S., was still convicted for his membership of a terrorist organization.

Samir, who was perceived as the neighborhood hero, due to his activities as a youth worker, was taken from his home by a SWAT team at the request of the Belgian Ministry of Justice in November 2010. Two years later he was acquitted, but Wednesday he was still sentenced to five years in prison.

judge's gavel
Chris Potter

Samir was convicted along with two other Amsterdam locals of Moroccan descent. The three are part of a group of fourteen suspects. The main suspect in the terrorism trial, the Moroccan Belgian Hasan H. was sentenced to 12 years in prison. Earlier, the court had sentenced him to five years in prison and a fine.

Eleven co-defendants, including the Dutch, were given prison sentences of five to eight years. The only acquittal in this case is the brother of the main suspect. Another brother of Hasan got off with a fine for illegal possession of weapons.