Today may set winter weather record

Monday January 6th is well on its way to break the record of warmest January 6th ever.

Whereas the Netherlands usually sees temperatures of five degrees Celsius around this time of the year, The day-record of 13,1 degrees Celsius in the Bilt was measured in 1999. The temperature today has already been clocked around 13 degrees.

The day “In Brabant and Limburg it may even reach a spring-like 14 degrees Celsius,” said. The weather watchdog said Tuesday and Wednesday will probably see 12 to 13 degree Celsius temperatures. Tuesday may probably also break records; On January 7th 2005 12,5 degrees Celsius was measured in De Bilt. said it will gradually get colder. Forecasts for next week hint at a transition to winter-weather with temperatures that drop and nights that may freeze.