Habitual criminal arrested

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A 36-year-old man, who is suspected of committing at least 45 crimes in the past month in Limburg, was arrested Sunday morning.The suspect, who has no fixed place of residence, was arrested in a hotel on the Guasco street, in "Valkenburg aan de Geul." He is suspected of several business scams, fraud and embezzlement in several catering establishments and hotels in the area, and fiercely resisted his arrest.

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In addition, the police also think he is responsible for 25 robberies and three muggings in the area. Interrogation and investigation may reveal more.

The man has been active for over a month now in Limburg, mostly in the south.  The police initiated an active search for the man in the past few weeks. In addition to a research team, the social media were also utilized to investigate the whereabouts of the suspect and to call on witnesses to come forward. On Friday the Burgernet system was used to send out 87,000 messages with a detailed description and the call to help locate the suspect.

Saturday night the police received a tip, locating the suspect in Valkenburg. With the help of the neighborhood officer who rallied the public, the police was able to locate the man in a hotel, where he was arrested on Sunday morning around 10:00.

The suspect often used the excuse of a broken down car, when he asked to borrow a phone or money for repairs. He would then disappear with the phone or the money. Anyone who may have been a suspect of this thug is invited to contact the High Impact Crime team of the police at 0900-8844.