Letter in bottle returned after 22 years

Zoe Averianov, an English girl, was surprised to see a letter she tossed into the sea more than 20 years ago, Manchester Evening News reports.

Bottle and sea / photozou.jp

When Zoe was a 10-year old schoolgirl, she tossed a message into the sea as she left Hull on a ferry for a family holiday to Belgium.

In Zeeland, a couple found that letter in a bottle just before Christmas. Piet and Jacqueline Lateur were walking with a dog in the Oosterschelde dykes. They found the bottle with Zoe’s letter inside it and sent it back to Zoe, who now works in a jewellery shop and lives in Pendleton.

“The first thing I saw was my hand writing as a child and my little letter saying who I was and about my pets and my hobbies. It made me a bit emotional,” Zoe said.

Zoe’s dad, John Lemon, asked her to throw the message into the sea on a family holiday. Now, Zoe wants her five-year-old son Maksim to do this.

“I’ll probably wait until he’s a bit older and can understand and write a letter, but maybe we’ll do it by attaching it to a balloon,” Zoe said.