Jobless designer landed job with funny website

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An unemployed Dutchman made a website highlighting his difficulties and he was flooded with job offers.

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Niek Gooren is a multimedia designer, and now he is doing a job. He created a​​ website with funny pictures and information about himself, NRC said.

The website shows Gooren lying on a sofa eating crisps in his underwear. "As you read this, Niek is alone and jobless," it says.

According to the website, Gooren would be cheaper to employ because he doesn't take milk or sugar in his coffee. The website presents a list of his projects and his resume.

Also, a graph on the website mentions how a company's creativity and sex appeal will be transformed by bringing him on board.

Gooren launched his campaign in September to get a job. It was a successful campaign and he has been employed at Lewis PR in Eindhoven after 160 days of unemployment.