Lottery surprise for Zeeland village

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The main prize of the Postcode Lottery of 42.9 million euros fell on the post code 4354 , which includes all the 1,100 inhabitants of the Zeeland village, Vrouwenpolder. Everyone in the village has the same four-digit postal code, meaning that all residents who played the lottery share in the prize.'This has never happened and that's why we like it so much,' said host Gaston Starreveld, who hands out the prizes for the Postcode lottery. 'In Spain, for example , they have the El Gordo lottery where an entire city wins, and now that happened in the Netherlands.'

(Photo: Wikimedia/Frank Schwichtenberg)

Half of the prize (€21.45 million) will be distributed among the participants with the full winning postcode, including the appropriate corresponding two letters. These two letters were announced Wednesday night.

All other participants in the village share in the other 21.45 million. It is not known how the millions will be divided among the participants.

The six other postcodes that also won one million euros each were also announced on Wednesday night.

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