Happy 2014, Immigrants, but go home!

Starting New Year's Day 2014, Romanian and Bulgarian people have free movement throughout the European Union, and tens of thousands of people could move to the Netherlands. The vast majority of Dutch people believes that too many migrants from Eastern Europe have settled in the Netherlands, and they create problems for local residents.

A new study by the Netherlands Institute for Social Research (SCP) reveals that two-thirds of Dutch think there are already too many migrants from Eastern Europe in the Netherlands. According to the study, Dutch are mostly worried about an increase in crime, public nuisance and employment problems as a result of Eastern Europeans, broadcaster Nos says.

Nearly 60% say people from Eastern Europe exploit the social security system while 47% believe those migrants take jobs away Dutch citizens. In addition, nearly half of those surveyed say people from Poland, Bulgaria and Romania are very problematic and they are more likely to be involved in crimes, despite studies that suggest the crime rate amongst eastern Europeans immigrants is statistically equal to the Dutch crime rate.

Dutch people claim that companies prefer cheap Eastern Europe workers over local citizens, who are being squeezed out of jobs. Concurrently, half of Dutch people questioned believe that Eastern Europe people work very hard, especially those from Poland.