New pill fights obesity

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Researchers have developed supplements that stimulate energy usage, resulting in possible weight loss.The supplements were administered to eighteen volunteers, battling obesity. Within three days their average energy consumption during rest increased to a maximum of 75 Calories a day.

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Joanne Q Escober

The increased energy usage was measured both immediately after a meal and after a short fasting period. The ability to regulate the processing of fats and carbs after a meal had improved, especially in men.

The researchers of Maastricht UMC+ are publishing their results in the scientific magazine, International Journal of Obesity.

'Assuming the effects are long-term, it can result in a weight loss of 7.7 pounds (3.5 kilos) in six months,' said prof. dr. Ellen Blaak, professor of physiology of fat metabolism. 'This would also have a beneficial effect on diabetes and heart disease. Obviously, additional research is needed to assess whether the beneficial effects of Resveratrol and EGCG remain sustainable in the long term.'

The supplements include: Polyphenols, plant compounds that naturally occur in grapes, berries, tea, and olive oil among others, Resveratrol, and epigallocathecinegallaat (EGCG), also two polyphenols, which apparently have a beneficial effect on energy consumption when combined, both directly after meals and during the diet.