Say 'hello' to a homeless paper vendor

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Homeless paper vendors should be greeted more often, stated the Amsterdam homeless paper, Z! The paper started a campaign with the slogan " feel free to say 'hello' to a homeless."'Everybody knows him, the homeless paper vendor at the supermarket. He greets people who come in, but hardly anybody returns the greeting. Meanwhile he stands there, just to engage in a little chitchat,' states a press release by the City of Amsterdam, that supports the campaign.

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Homeless paper, Z!, had an infomercial made, showing an invisible man who turns out to be homeless and is sent out of a store. The message: feel free to greet a homeless.

' If we can achieve that people greet the homeless or make some small talk, even if they don't buy a paper, it will be a huge step in the right direction' said chief editor Hans van Dalfsen of Z!

The number of homeless has been rising for a few years now, as evidenced from numbers from CBS. The City of Amsterdam also refers to an American study, showing that people in capitalist countries more often perceive homeless people as failures. They are responsible for the fact that they are homeless, according to the respondents in the study.