DJ's Drenth "glass house" ill

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The variant of the "Glass House," set up in Drenthe has been abruptly aborted, after de three DJ's became ill, presumably due to problems with the air filtering.One of the DJ's became nauseous and dizzy Friday morning and had to be taken to the hospital. The other two DJ's developed the same symptoms later on, making it inevitable for the broadcast to be aborted. The DJ's had started the campaign on Thursday evening.

Noud de Greef
Wikimedia commons

The DJ's of the local radio station "Aa and Hunze" called their location the "Glass Dolmen," on the Brink in Gieten. They were collecting money for the local food bank.

The fire department in Gieten took samples and concluded most likely something went wrong with the heating of the party tent. A diesel engine would funnel warm air into the tent. The tent itself was sealed in the front and back by two glass walls.

The DJ's have been released from the hospital, announced mayor Eric van Oosterhout of the City of Aa and Hunze, under which Gieten resorts. The DJ's do chose not to continue the campaign.

For the short time the campaign lasted, the "Glass Dolmen" managed to collect a few thousand euros. The money was taken to the food bank.

The campaign in Drenthe is separate from the "Serious Request" campaign of radio stations 3FM, where three DJ's are locked up in a glass house in Leeuwarden.