Rape suspect may have raped all his daughters

Andre P. Waterkant.net photo
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A Surinamese man who is on trial in Utrecht for having sex with his daughter may have defiled his two other daughters as well.

This claim by the now abused 22-year-old daughter has been corroborated by her brothers, Telegraaf daily newspaper reported. And apparently the suspect’s wife had been the one who arranged the schedules of abuse.

Andre P., a writer and herbalist was arrested last year October when his daughter –upon turning 21 – filed a complaint against him at the police in Utrecht. She said she had been victim of her father’s lust from 2003 –when she was barely 12- to June 2010. According to the documents presented in court Friday, P. who relocated to the Netherlands in 1986 and in 2001 was knighted by then Queen Beatrix, had filmed the sexual encounters.

The young woman who preferred anonymity told Telegraaf that the court had only heard lies on Friday. “He also abused my two sisters from 2001 when they were 16 and 17,” she said. According to her, Truus, her stepmother arranged it all, down to the days on which her father would sleep with her mother or one of his daughters. The women have meanwhile been heard by police, but it is not clear whether they have filed complaints against their father. “I know it happened. He told me himself,” she said.

Truus and Suzette (the young lady’s mother) are both also suspects in the case. Apparently Truus appears in one of the “boxes of video tapes” containing footage P. had shot of his sexual encounters with his daughters. The daughter didn’t say who shot the films.

She described her father as a convincing man. “He had control over everybody and played it in such a way that my brothers would not find out,” she said. She said her father’s explanation was that she had to have sex with him, or else she would get sick and maybe even die. “He abused me at home in Utrecht and in a hotel where he would take me.” And in fear that she would tell others, he would forbid her to attend school parties.

The court refrained from reacting to the new incriminating information. “When the case is heard again we will deal with everything, including this matter,” a spokesman of the Prosecutor’s Office said. The hearings resume on March 10th. P. remains in prison.