Google releases 2013 search terms

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Google has released an annual report of the most popular search terms in 2013. The report gives an insight into the search behavior of the Dutch users and shows popular search terms and topics in 2013 among the population.

Google / Flickr

According to the report, top search terms include Facebook, Marketplace, YouTube, Hotmail, Google, Buienradar, Rabobank and ING, the Volkskrant on Tuesday.

In 2013, Rafael van der Vaart was the most searched international football probably due to the breakup with Sylvie Meis and his new relationship with Sabia Engizek, the paper said.

Paul Walker, an American actor who played a leading role in the popular movie series Fast and Furious and who died in a car accident earlier this month, was the fastest rising search term.

Other fastest rising terms include King Song, Outlook, Netflix, Apple’s iOS7, Anouk and Zwarte Piet.