Cop Rejects Cancer-stricken Partner

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An environmental police investigator from Central and West Brabant has for years refused to work with a colleague who has cancer. That became clear during the hearing on the case in the Breda court.The labor dispute between the experienced detective, who has been with the force since 1995, has been ongoing for several years, reported the Gelderlander. At the time the man sent an e-mail to his superiors with the subject "cancer patient." In the email the detective explained he heard from a colleague she had cancer. 'Besides feeling uncomfortable, I do not want to go on the road with her anymore. I do not feel like taking on assignments with her,'wrote the detective. The email led to much unrest within the corps.

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The man was transferred to the Police Academy until May 1, 2014, and would then probably end up with the Aliens Police. The detective is not looking forward to that, and feels the issue escalated when corps leadership made it public. In hindsight he does feel his behavior was inappropriate.

The court ruled he deserves another chance and he may resume his former duties again