Week in review: November 30-December 6

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The round-up of some of this week’s most noteworthy events and news stories features the storm on 'pakjesavond', an "innocent" kiss that put Onno Hoes in the spotlight, KLM's ongoing fight to reach an agreement with its union, and new threats against "pig" Wilders.Ever since the assassination of Theo van Gogh, Wilders has lived under police protection. The politician bravely advances in his attempts to prove how dangerous the Islam is, causing him to be a .

Sinterklaas fighting the wind in Amsterdam's Zeeburg neighbourhood (photo: Zack Newmark)

KLM's plans to transfer flights within Europe to did not sit well with the Union and halted. Parties are still trying to find common ground, but the Union is planning actions in case things don't go well.

Mayor of Maastricht was caught on camera, kissing another man in a hotel lobby. The mayor, and his husband, RTL Boulevard host, Albert Verlinde, were put in the spotlight because of this.

Wednesday the KNMI predicted a to pass over the northern part of , including the Netherlands. On "pakjesavond", when Sinterklaas is celebrated, the storm became so forceful, it reminded of the , when a dam breach in cost many lives. Early on the announced to cancel all train traffic to the northern provinces. Groningen Central Station was a picture of "," of people trying to figure out how to get home. Thursday's flights as a precaution. The wintry weather caused , and several cities were flooded, among them, . As the day progressed the KNMI upgraded the warning from an orange to . The stormy conditions affected all traffic. Well into Friday the ferry services were operating on an , because of extreme high water. The fire department received thousands of , and had their hands full.

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