Residence permit for people without nationality

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People, staying in the Netherlands without nationality, should be entitled to a residence permit. Obstacles to naturalization as a Dutch should be eliminated and stateless children, born in the Netherlands, should more easily be entitled to claim Dutch citizenship.That is the advice, released today, by the Advisory Committee on Aliens Affairs ( ACVZ ). Stateless individuals without residence permit can not return to their own country because they do not have one. Because they don't have a residence permit, they are excluded from all kinds of amenities, and are pushed back into the margins of society, according to the ACVZ.

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Stateless individuals can obtain Dutch citizenship after three years in the Netherlands, but the procedure to determine whether someone is stateless, is flawed, states the ACVZ. In an application for naturalization, stateless people are required to provide documents they don't have, such as a passport or birth certificate.

It's important to set up a good procedure for determining if someone is stateless. Once an alien has gone through that process, there will be no need to supply any documents when applying for Dutch citizenship.

Children who are born in The Netherlands, should not need a residence permit when they opt for the Dutch nationality.