MSD backs Nuvaring

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Manufacturer MSD rejects the criticism of the contraceptive Nuvaring . Nuvaring users are not at higher risk of thrombosis than with other contraceptives, according to Medical Director Caroline Doornebos. MSD stands behind their product.The contraceptive was developed ten years ago by Organon in Oss. According to 2,000 users and surviving relatives, the ring can cause thrombosis, and the company neglected to educate users on the higher risk, compared to other contraceptives. In the U.S., claims were filed against MSD. Some users died of thrombosis.

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MSD points to studies that show there is no difference in the risk of thrombosis between the Nuvaring and other contraceptives, states Doornebos.

A Danish study, suggesting the risk of thrombosis is greater, paints a distorted picture. In the first six months women run an increased risk of thrombosis, because the body needs to adjust to the device. The Danes included many women in the study, who had just started using the Nuvaring, according to the MSD director.

The Nuvaring is made of plastic and  inserted vaginally. The hormone dose released, is lower than that of oral contraceptives, but it does have a specific hormone that is not in the oral version.