Vigilantes kidnap Emmen man

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A 49-year-old Emmen resident was freed by police Thursday, from a company warehouse in Urk. The fish trader was taken hostage by three men from Urk after a business conflict, reported the police.The three forcibly took the victim to the warehouse, because their patience was running thin, and they wanted the money the feel they are entitled to. The trio (19, 40, and 46) had reported the fraud to the police a day earlier.

Markus Bernet
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After the police received indications that the fish trader might be held against his will,at the beginning of the evening, they decided to raid the warehouse around 23:00. Although initially a detention unit was summoned, the raid was carried out by uniformed officers

Even though the fish trader was freed by the police, he was also apprehended, together with the hostage-takers, for further questioning. According to the initial police report, the trader is possibly guilty of fraud in the sale of fish. Flevoland detectives do not discard the possibility of more arrests to follow.