NL spends least on families in EU

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Of all EU Member States, the Netherlands spends the least on families and children as a proportion of its social spending, according to statistics by Eurostat, the European statistical office, published Thursday.In 2011, Netherlands spent 32.3 percent of its gross domestic product (GDP) on social protection , the package of provisions of the government to ease the burden for families and individuals. Of this expenditure only 4 percent went to children and families, the lowest share of all EU Member States . That's half the EU average and more than four times less than leader Luxembourg (16.5 percent).

Eric Ward

As a share of GDP the Dutch social spending are, however, among the highest in the European Union, only surpassed by Denmark and France (34.3 and 33.6 percent of their GDP respectively).

The majority of social protection in the Netherlands is spent on health and elderly (43.4 and 39.4 percent of expenditures). After Cyprus, Netherlands ranks second of all EU-countries in the highest proportion on housing and support to vulnerable social groups (8.4 percent).