Argentine journalist feels mistreated

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The Argentine journalist, Camilo Martín Garcia, responded Thursday for the first time to his arrest in Aruba a day earlier when he tried to approach Queen Máxima during the music festival in honor of the royal visit.He announced through the social media, Twitter, to find it strange that Máxima obviously was not allowed to be addressed, nor was she allowed to speak.

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In the Argentine Teleshow his sister Barbara states that the journalist, who works for CN23, does not feel well, and that he was abused by Aruban security.

According to Garcia, he was arrested when he tried to take pictures of the Dutch queen at the end of the festivities, using his mobile phone. By then he had been watched for some time by very solid guards.

Earlier, on Wednesday, Garcia had caused an incident. At the welcome ceremony he tried to get his microphone in front of Maxima, in an intrusive way. Willem - Alexander, who was ahead of the queen, pushed the journalist's arm away.

Garcia admits he was warned not to yell out. He did it anyway, and was annoyed when Maxima did not respond. After a few more warnings his accreditation for the visit was canceled, so he decided to mingle in the audience during the party.