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The inspection report on the treatment of the sick Georgian girl, Renata, is baffling, states the  lawyer, representing the girl and her family, Maureen Helgers.

Renata came to the Netherlands with her family in June 2012, by way of Poland. The family requested asylum here. Netherlands turned them away, because according to European rules, the country where asylum seekers first register, is responsible for the procedure.

Alex Proimos

The six-year-old girl was ill when she arrived in the Netherlands . Upon return in Poland she was diagnosed with Acute Leukemia.

The Inspectorate Security and Justice and the Healthcare Inspectorate concluded in their report that medical practitioners were not negligent, nor did they make any mistakes in the care, given to Renata. The report also states the delay of medical treatment did not lead to a deterioration of her health. Helgers questions this conclusion.

Renata's medical records clearly show her blood levels were such, that beyond a doubt she was already seriously ill when she was in The Netherlands, according to the lawyer.

In cases of Acute Leukemia, the earlier the disease is detected, the better it can be treated. With each day delay, the cancer cells about double, according to the pediatricians.

The medical did fail in Renata's case, according to Helgers. The concerns of the parents of Renata were brushed off  time and again with paracetamol . She suffered for days from a bloody nose in the AZC Baexem, but was never seen by a doctor, only a nurse.