TV fund raiser for Philippines Monday

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The Cooperating Aid Agencies and the Public Broadcasting , RTL and SBS will organize a TV fund-raiser on Monday, November 18th for the victims of the hurricane in the Philippines.

Host Herman van der Zandt will take part in the fund-raiser on behalf of the NOS.

It will not be some great evening filling entertainment program, but instead the focus will be on the Institute for Sound and Vision as Center of Activity. All public and commercial radio stations will broadcast from there, states Gerard Timmer, program director of the Public Broadcasting.

Jayel Aheram

There is also the option for live TV programs, such as Pauw and Witteman , RTL Late Night, or Studio Max live, to broadcast from Sound and Vision or to switch to that location.

The NPO announced that the Institute for Sound and Vision will be set up as an activity center. People will be able to call from 6:00 am to midnight to donate money, or they can bring in cash or checks in person.

The organizations already opened Giro 555 for donations this past Monday for the victims of Hurricane Haiyan, which cost thousands of lives.

The TV fund-raiser for the Philippines is the second this year . In April the aid agencies and the Public Broadcasting also did a fund-raiser for Syria, under the name SOS Syria .

The fund-raiser collected over a million euros. After the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010 TV viewers donated 83.4 million.