Hungarians and Limburg locals arrested for human trafficking

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A 43-year-old Hungarian was arrested in Alkmaar Tuesday, suspected of human trafficking. Earlier this week, three Limburg locals were already arrested on suspicion of the same, announced the Public Prosecution Thursday.The Hungarian man has probably forced Hungarian women for years to work in prostitution areas in The Hague and Alkmaar. The women were intimidated and beaten, as evidenced by the criminal investigation. The man kept detailed accounts of how many customers the women had and how much they earned. They were forced to surrender most of their income, earning him around 350,000 euros in three years.

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Ira Gelb

A 20-year-old Hungarian was also arrested in Hungary in connection with this investigation. He was extradited to the Netherlands. His part in the crime is not clear yet, according to the prosecution.

One of the victims lived in The Hague with a man to whom she had to prostitute. The main suspect told her what sexual acts she had to perform with the man.

The military police searched the house of the 43-year-old Hungarian in Alkmaar and two prostitution rooms on the Achterdam. His administration was seized.

The case came to light after the military police found suspicious items during an inspection in Zevenaar, in a car that was registered to the main suspect.

The military police started an investigation in Limburg, under the leadership of the Public Prosecution, after several reports of possible human trafficking at Eindhoven Airport. Young women of Eastern European descent were reportedly forced into prostitution, immediately upon arrival at the airport.

The arrested men from Roermond (Limburg) and Hapert (Noord-Brabant) are 28, 42 and 47 years old.