Free train ticket? Just check Facebook

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A Facebook page where train passengers can share unstamped tickets and discount tickets received over 7000 'Likes' in Utrecht within two days. Now the initiative has been expanded to also include Amsterdam Centraal.It is an annoyance for many travelers to buy an expensive ticket and it not be stamped. It gave an anonymous group of travelers inspiration to set up a Facebook page where people can give their unused ticket to another traveler. The idea is simple: place a message on the page with instructions on where the card is, so someone who is traveling on the same route can take a free ride.

Spencer E Holtaway

Utrecht Central Station was the first station with a Facebook page where train tickets could be exchanged. The huge amount of 'Likes' in a short time,  7000 in 48 hours,  led the authors to include other major stations in the Netherlands to set up a page, including Amsterdam Central Station.

The promoters indicated in consumer program Tros Radar, the idea is also a statement to the NS, because public transport fares have reached the limit.

In a response the NS stated to appreciate the creativity, but travelers, using a 'used' ticket are in fact using a service, not paid for. Travelers have to realize the revenue is used to pay the salaries of conductors, drivers and other railway employees.

The initiators are now also working on creating a platform where people can share their reduction card. The plan is to facilitate travelers, who travel the same route, but don't all have a discount card. After all, it is allowed to share the discount with up to three people on the same card.