Queen Máxima speaks at celebration Amsterdam Stock Exchange

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Her Majesty Queen Máxima attended the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Stock Exchange building on Beursplein 5 in Amsterdam, Wednesday November 6.The Amsterdam Stock Exchange has been part of the Euro- American society NYSE Euronext stock exchange since 2007. Queen Máxima gave a speech during the anniversary dinner.

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The building at Beursplein 5 is specifically designed for stock exchange. Until 1913 the brokers and the merchants jointly used the Beurs van Berlage on the Beursplein. The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is one of the few exchanges in the world with a trading floor. The architect is Mr. J.Th.J. Cuypers.

Queen Máxima visited the exhibition 'the Amsterdam Exchange Experience', an interactive exhibition about the functioning of the stock market and listed companies .
The permanent exhibition is open to the public, starting Wednesday, November 6th. Immediately after, Queen Máxima gave a speech at the anniversary dinner in her capacity as a member of Dutch Committee for Entrepreneurship and Finance,  and honorary chairman of the platform Wijzer in Geldzaken.