Help instead of handcuffs for Syria goers

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Dutch jihadists who return from Syria receive aid and guidance to reintegrate. They are not immediately arrested and prosecuted upon return.Cities and security services hope to prevent further radicalization of the Syria goers with this approach, announced TV show Eenvandaag Wednesday, after investigation.

Abdulrazzaq Badran
Wikimedia commons

An estimated twenty jihad have so far returned from Syria, especially in the Hague. Multiple sources confirmed to Eenvandaag the administrative program of assistance and guidance.

Among other things, the City helps young people to find jobs or a fitting education. In Delft, for instance, there is an initiative to help reintegrate a group of Syria goers.

In the background law enforcement tries to investigate whether crimes have been committed, but that is difficult to prove. Police and security services keep an eye on the young jihadists, but the approach is to focus on reintegration.

The threat level was raised in March from limited to substantial, the second highest level, because the chance of an attack in the Netherlands had increased due to an increased number of jihad travelers, according to the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism.