A4 temporarily closed Saturday for bomb

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The A4 freeway by Leiden will be temporarily closed Saturday morning because a bomb will be dismantled, reported the City of Leiden, where the bomb was found Thursday.Besides the freeway the airspace above will also temporarily be off limits. The exact time the freeway along the Vlietlanden will be closed down is unknown, but probably between 8 and 9.

Steven Lek
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The City wants to defuse the bomb as early as possible, as soon as there's enough daylight, according to a spokesperson. The ignition will be removed in nature reserve De Vlietlanden.

The bomb from World War II was transported there Friday by boat from Leiden. The few people who live in the neighborhood,  will need to temporarily leave their homes.

Thursday the traffic between Leiden and The Hague was shut down, when the bomb was found during dredging. A major road was shut down, and some houseboats were evacuated.

Once defused, the 500-pounder will be detonated elsewhere. The location has not been disclosed.