NL-Alert tested again Monday

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The alarm means for major emergencies, NL-Alert will be tested for the second time Monday. Across the country, people with a suitable phone will receive a test message.The message will be sent at 12:00, when the alarm sounds, reported the Ministry of Security and Justice Wednesday.

The Ministry hopes four million people will receive the test message Monday. In the weeks after the test a survey will be sent out to make sure it worked. The outcome is expected in late November.

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The first test was on the first Monday of February. In 2014, the system will be checked twice. The dates are not set yet.

The warnings of NL-Alert are sent to all suitable mobile phones in an emergency. The messages inform people what is going on around them and what to do.

It is not a regular text message, but works on the basis of the so-called cell broadcast, the same way phones receive warnings when the network is down or overloaded.

Users of almost all popular handsets receive these warnings.

NL-Alert started November last year. The first warning was sent during a large fire in the Groningen Tolbert in December.