No increased risk of PIP breast implants

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Breast implants from the French brand PIP do not expose carriers to an increased health risk, reported the Healthcare Inspectorate (IGZ)Wednesday.The inspection based its results on a study commissioned by the European Commission.

The researchers concluded, however, that the risk of cracks and leaks is increased in the PIP implants. According to the study, however, the substances in the implants do not pose a health risk. Also, there appeared to be no evidence the substances increase the risk of cancer.

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The PIP implants led to much unrest among women late 2011. They feared they might suffer from autoimmune or connective tissue diseases due to leaking implants.

In January 2012, the IGZ and the Dutch Society for Plastic Surgery (NVPC) advised PIP carriers to have their implants removed preventively. The Inspectorate is now discussing with the NVPC what the results of the study mean for this advice.

The support group for women with silicone breast implants (SVS) thinks the Inspectorate is short-sighted by stating that PIP implants are not unhealthy, based on one study. This research is  a preliminary investigation and other studies have opposite outcome, according to a representative for the group.