Greenpeace case serves on November 4th

The case Netherlands filed against Russia at the International Tribunal will start Monday, November 4th, in Hamburg.On that day, the judge hearing the case around the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, will make a statement. The trial will be on Wednesday, after which it takes another two to four weeks before a sentence is passed.

Arctic sunrise,
Wikimedia commons,

The ship was chained down by the Russians in September, after Greenpeace activists tried to place a banner on a drilling platform of the Russian oil company Gazprom.

Netherlands demands before the tribunal, the release of the thirty crew members and the Greenpeace ship, which sails under Dutch flag.

28 activists and 2 journalists have been detained for several weeks now. Meanwhile Russia weakened the indictment from piracy to vandalism, which is still good for a seven-year sentence.

Russia does not recognize the authority of the Maritime Tribunal in this case, because the sovereignty of the country is at stake. However, the Russians announced they are open to a settlement of the situation.