Eldest son breaks in for dying mother

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The 39-year-old Jan E. from Assen in Groningen sold his loot to grant his dying mother's wish.Actually, the 39-year-old Jan E. didn't want anything to do with his 56-year-old mother. She was manipulative and he gathered all his courage to tell her, according to E. But then his mother was diagnosed with lung cancer with metastases. She was dying.

Eastlake Times, author unknown,

E.'s mother did not want to die in the hospital, but her home was on an upper floor. There was a house available on the ground floor, but she could not afford the rent. So she asked her eldest son, Jan, to 'arrange something'. Jan E. told the criminal court in Assen Tuesday he really didn't want to, but decided to do it for his mother.

Together with a friend, E. broke into a dorm at the Coendersweg. E. knew the four students who lived there went out every Thursday. Their catch included some computers, laptops, cell phones, televisions and an x-box computer. The loot was sold for 475 euros, which he gave to his mother for rent. She is now deceased.

Jan E, who was already convicted in 2011 heard a nine-month suspended prison sentence, calls it an act of desperation. He knew it was wrong, but felt like he was doing something right, according to E. The prosecutor agreed with him it's wrong, which is why she threatened to turn the suspended sentence into imprisonment. Because he cares for his 14-year-old daughter she instead demanded a required total of 270 hours of community service.

The ruling will be in two weeks.