10km Kramer In Secret Outfit

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Sven Kramer wore during his 10km race of last Sunday the suite that the Dutch skaters will wear during the Winter Olympics.

The suite, which should have been a secret for a while, was handed out to Kramer for testing. Kramer used it while training and then decided to wear the suite at the Dutch championships.

He impressed friend and enemy with his race which resulted in a new track record of 12 minutes and 46.96 seconds. This time was also the second best time ever achieved on this distance.

Spokesmen of the ice skating union KNSB and the Dutch Olympic Organization NOC*NCF, are not happy that the suite has been shown to the public.

Runner-up didn’t have new suite

The coach of the runner-up Jorrit Bergsma and second runner-up Bob de Jong heard on Tuesday only that Kramer already had received the new suite.

According to NOC*NCF and KNSB, the suite is still under development. The material, however, of the suite worn by Kramer and the final design will be the same.

Bergsma says that he was not informed about tests with the new suite.