Wi-Fi Network Expanding

UPC Netherlands is expanding its Wi-Fi network based on customer routers.

The company will offer a hotspot function on customer router. Five users will be able to share a connection using hotspot.

The expansion project will first begin in Zutphen, where the company has been testing the service since July. The project then will move to the provinces of Flevoland and Friesland and other areas, according to Telecom Paper.

Wireless Network / Wikipedia

Initially, UPC will offer hotspots function on around 500,000 routers that can be updated by firmware. Then the company plans to add further 300,000 routers to the Wi-Fi network.

UPC provides Wi-Fi routers standard with all new contracts. Customers can exchange older modems for a router with the hotspot function.

Currently, UPC provides broadband service to about 1 million customers.