Train traffic severely disrupted

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The storm that moves across the country, leads to major problems on the tracks. Traffic to and from Amsterdam Central, and North of Zwolle has come to a stop, due to the storm.NS gauges the situation on the track around Amsterdam currently too dangerous to drive. In several places trees have fallen on the track or on the lines overhead. As the storm is still raging, there is a chance trains may be hit by falling trees.

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Between Ede-Wageningen and Arnhem there are no trains because of a tree on the track. In the northwest of the Netherlands traffic is very limited.

In almost all cases, the problems with the tracks are due to fallen trees or branches.

So far, there is no traffic:

  • around Amsterdam Central
  • North of Zwolle
  • between Ede-Wageningen and Arnhem
  • from Leiden to Schiphol
  • from Amsterdam-Sloterdijk to Schiphol
  • between Leiden and Haarlem
  • between Alkmaar and Hoorn
  • between Alkmaar and Zaandam
  • between Weesp and Almere Central
  • Zuthpen and Winterwijk


Limited traffic in the Northwest of The Netherlands and between Rotterdam -Delft.

The NS can not estimate how long the disruptions will last. That depends on how the storm develops, according to a spokesperson for the NS.