Sven Kramer Rules

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Sven Kramer has shown this weekend that he is in a top shape. During the Dutch championships he not only won the 5 km but also impressed friend and enemy with his victory on the 10 km.

The 10 km race was between Kramer and last years champion Jorrit Bergsma. Although in March, Bergsma beat Kramer at the 10 km, at this race he had to be happy with silver. Kramer accelerated in the last four rounds with such a speed that he achieved a new track record (12.46.96) in Thialf. The old track record was from 2007 (12.49.88), also for Kramer.

The last time Kramer won the 10 km at the Dutch championships was in 2010.

Kramer is in a good shape. “I hope in the coming weeks in the World Cup events to smash some world records,” he says.

Ireen Wüst was less fortunate. Although the Dutch wonder woman earned tickets to start in the coming 1000 m, 1500 m and 3 km, she didn’t win the Dutch championships on these distances. Surprisingly she had to accept the silver medal on the 1000m. Gold medal winner was Marrit Leenstra who beat her with 0.04 seconds.

22-Year-old Yvonne Nauta from Friesland was the big surprise on the 5 km race. She bettered her personal record from 7.16,04 to 7.01,62 and won the gold medal.

At the men’s 1000 m and 1500 m it was a fight between Kjeld Nuis and Koen Verwey. On Saturday Nuis lost his title on the 1500 m but he won on Sunday the 1000 m again.