At least 27 dead after using Diane-35

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At  least 27 women in the Netherlands may have died from side effects from the controversial contraceptive Diane-35.This was announced by Agnes Kant, director  the Lareb side effects center on Thursday. In May there were eighteen reported deaths.

Since then new reports came in. It concerns women who used this contraceptive in the  past 25 years, and died, due to side effects such as blood clots (thrombosis).

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Diane-35 came on the market in 1987. The drug is still on the market and is intended as a remedy for acne and excessive hair growth. It also works as a contraceptive, but should not be prescribed as such.

The drug was discredited earlier this year when some deaths attracted attention in France. The women developed blood clots after swallowing the pills.

The number of reports may continue to rise, according to Kant. The Lareb director stressed the deaths are not new. Television program Zembla highlighted the topic Thursday evening.
Kant recognizes in Zembla not enough reports are being filed. They could have pursued the matter more, but it's everyone's responsibility. The doctor, healthcare providers, and patients all could have filed reports. The awareness of the necessity to file such reports unfortunately falls short.

The Dutch College of General Practitioners also wants doctors to more consistently file reports.