IGZ will release file general practitioner

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The Health Care Inspectorate (IGZ) will disclose the report on the conduct of general practitioner Tromp from Tuitjenhorn to the public after all.So far, the inspection did not explain why Tromp was suspended. The physician reportedly  violated the rules in a serious way, in connection with the death of a terminally ill patient.

Tromp committed suicide a few days after his suspension.

In the order to immediately stop working, the IGZ summed up what they thought had gone wrong. By disclosing this information the inspection wants to clarify how it monitored the conduct of the general practitioner.

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They aim to assure patients and caregivers the terminal care and the assessment thereof, are well regulated in the Netherlands.

The family of the physician can try to prevent the disclosure through the court.

The National Association of General Practitioners (LHV) thinks the decision to disclose the order is an important first step. General Practitioners are pleased the Inspectorate will continue its investigation into the actions of the doctor, even though it may take some time before it's completed.

The LHV hopes the information from the Inspectorate will give more clarity on the framework of the law on euthanasia. This is required to remove the continuing unrest among part of the Dutch general practitioners.