The Hague police racist

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Officers in the Hague Schilderswijk use disproportionate violence against foreigners, state victims and former police to Omroep West.In a report three policemen and several victims state that foreign detainees are intimidated and abused. The culture of racism and violence already exists for many years, particularly in the police station The Heemstraat, in the middle of the Schilderswijk.

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The officers would cover one another.

In the broadcast, one man accuses the cops of excessive force in which he broke his hand. According to police, the public prosecutor determined that the actions of the officers were lawful in that case.

Police chief Michel de Roos of the Hague police does not recognize himself in the statements of the former police officers. Naturally violence occurs at the Hague police. Their actions aim to minimize the use of violence, but in some cases it is simply necessary, responds the chief.

In the past few years there were hardly any complaints, according to the police.