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The Amerfoort Labour councilor Ramon Smits Alvarez is now internationally registered as missing.Smits Alvarez vanished on Thursday without a trace. On Monday Amersfoort mayor Bolsius urged the councilor to turn himself in.

On the day of his disappearance several media reported Smits Alarez took his passport, but left his phone and iPad at home. He also withdrew 4,000 euros from the local Labour party's bank account.

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A search in Spain, where Smits Alvarez has a vacation home, came up with nothing, nor was he with family in the Spanish region of Galicia.

The AD newspaper suggests a link between the disappearance of the councilor and the leaking of a critical report on the functioning of Mayor Bolsius end of 2012. The detective force has been investigating a computer from the fraction room of the Labour Party for some time now. Chairman Hinloopen would not speculate on a possible connection.

The 34-year-old councilor is married and has two children. He reportedly wanted to try his hand at the party leadership of the Labour Party in Amersfoort. The winner would be announced on Sunday, but due to the disappearance of Smits Alvarez it is postponed.