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Following the commotion around a General Practitioner from Tuitjenhorn, who was suspended by the IGZ after he applied a palliative sedation,  the Healthcare Inspectorate will talk with a number of professional organizations in the medical sector about responsible end-of-life care. The doctor later committed suicide.The IGZ wants to clarify its considerations and methods when it comes to terminally ill patients. For that purpose the inspection will meet with the doctors clubs LHV, KNMG, VHN, Scenphysicians, NHG, and pharmacists organization KNMP.

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The 58-year-old Tuitjenhorn GP was responsible for palliative sedation of a patient from his practice in August. After the IGZ received a report the man had made mistakes, he was suspended. The doctor ended his life ​​early October.

The Healthcare inspectorate is considering whether the investigation in the Tuitjenhorn case needs to continue and if so, how. The general practitioners organization asked the inspectorate for clarification earlier Tuesday. The IGZ understands the request, but states care may be expected from a supervisor.


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