Ada van Randwijk (101) deceased

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Resistance wife Ada van Randwijk passed away in her hometown Amsterdam, at the respectable age of 101. She was the wife of Henk van Randwijk and together they were involved in the illegal Vrij Nederland (Free Netherlands) during World War II.In 1941 she encouraged her husband to take over the lead of the underground magazine. She herself helped with all kinds of common chores, from cooking to copy delivery.

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Author: an unknown resistance member
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Henk van Randwijk was arrested and interrogated by the Germans in 1942. During a search of their home she managed to surreptitiously hide documents so the Germans could not find incriminating material.

A few weeks later she managed to free her husband by talking to the prison officer who had promised her husband would not be detained long and keeping him to his word. When that worked the couple went into hiding.

Van Randwijk remained editor until 1948 and died in 1966. Ada Randwijk has always remained in the background. In recent years she lived in a nursing home in Buitenveldert.