Scale water damage still uncertain

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It's still unclear what the damage is after Sunday's downpour. Individuals don't seem to have suffered extensive damage, but for farmers it may be another week before the full extent of the damage they suffered will be clear, according to the Association of Insurers.The Association of Insurers estimates that the damage to individuals runs about a half million euros, even though insurer Interpolis thinks that amount will be higher, based on the received reports. The reports are mainly about flooded basements and water that came into houses through the roof.

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Emma White

The damage would have been greater if it had been a brief downpour. Even though it rained all day Sunday, it came down over an extended amount of time, giving residents, water boards and fire departments time to take measures.

The damage seems significant for farmers. In large parts of Zeeland and Goeree-Overflakkee it will probably take another week before the water level drops to normal.

It is crucial how quickly the water can be drained, according to Haanstra, chairman of the Working Group Agriculture of LTO Netherlands." Some crops just can't handle flooding. He is especially concerned for the potato crop, but sprouts and chicory are also at risk.

A survey of showed the Dutch fire brigades were deployed about 4000 times on Sunday. The frequency was highest in Zuid-Holland. The Rotterdam-Rijnmond Corps alone received more than 1000 reports.