Russia targets Dutch products

The Russian authorities have problems with some Dutch products that Russia imports. The dairy is not well controlled, and flowers contain harmful substances, according to the Russians.The food and wares authorities in Russia will increase inspections on milk from the Netherlands. The Dutch controls are not thorough enough. The veterinary services in The Netherlands sign documents without seeing the products themselves, according to a spokesperson.

Wikimedia commons

The Russians also complain about the flowers from the Netherlands. During an inspection of a cargo of tulips harmful substances were found. Reason to consider suspending the import of all flowers from Netherlands.

Russia is furious about the arrest of a Russian diplomat in The Hague, last weekend, and demanded apologies, which Minister Timmermans offered Wednesday afternoon. There is also a disagreement about the actions of the Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise, which sails under the Dutch flag. The crew protested in the Arctic against oil drilling by Russia and is now detained on suspicion of piracy.

Incidentally, dairy from the Netherlands is not the only dairy product under fire from the Russians. Last Monday the Russian suspended import of dairy products from Lithuania, because of concerns over the quality.

In July Russia did the same with Dutch potatoes, because harmful organisms would still enter Russia on a regular basis.

State Secretary Dijksma is in Russia to discuss the boycott of the potato. Netherlands offers maximum transparency in the Dutch market to create more trust with Moscow, states Dijksma. For this purpose the phone numbers of breeders and farmers are accessible on the Internet.